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Is Private Label Right for My Brand?

 You’ve dreamed about the day your business becomes wildly successful, you’ve done the market research, and planned how to reach your target audience. Now all you need is to find the right suppliers, or manufacturers, or whatever/whoever is going to get you what you need to make your dream reality.  


 Custom, wholesale, and private label are the three main options you'll find when you start researching how to fill your shop/supply your brand with awesome products. Depending on your business model, one of them might be a much better fit than another one, but each one has pros and cons. So before deciding how which route to take, a good place to start is with some definitions. 


Wholesale: Purchase branded products for 40-60% off retail price and resell at market value. 

If you’re looking for the lowest overhead cost this is the option for you. With no design fee or risk associated with designing your own products, your investments can stay focused upward and outward towards gaining and maintaining customers. There’s also the added benefit of being able to stock and restock over and over again without having to wait for long lead times because most wholesalers keep their products ready-to-ship. 

We have the added benefit of being both the manufacturer and distributor of our own line of Artisan Streams leather goods. This makes our price point even lower by eliminating the middleman that often exists between manufacturers and wholesale buyers. 

Private label: Choose from a selection of pre-made designs and customize by changing the branding, color, hardware etc. 

This is a great way to get the perfect product for your brand with minimal design work. From embossing your own brand logo, to changing the leather type there are hundreds of changes you can make to personalize a basic design until it’s 100% your own. If you have the vision for your brand but not the technical know-how for design this is a fail safe option to build your brand. 

Our team is always available to walk you through our customization options and put together a price estimate for you on what the cost of materials and labor will be. And our consultations with you are free!

Custom 1.0: Design your own products and communicate with a project manager to manufacture them.

There are thousands of manufacturers and each one has a long list of pros and cons. Even after narrowing down the options, finding one who will respond to your inquiries - let alone give you confidence that you’ll be able communicate your design to them - might seem impossible. 

Fortunately, manufacturing your designs with reasonable MOQs, affordable prices, and amazing quality is something that we specialize in. All with streamlined communication through our project managers directly to the factory floor where your products are being made.

Custom 2.0: Work with an in-house designer or design team to design and manufacture your ideas.

This is the best of both worlds, creative input along with in depth knowledge of what resources and materials are available with simultaneous cost-analysis and market knowledge directly involved in making your project a success. Our experienced design team will bring your ideas to life and communicate directly with our artisans to ensure that the final product is exactly the what you want.

Contact us

 Get in touch with our team today if you’ve decided which option suits the needs of your business or brand. Whether it’s wholesale, private label, custom our team is ready to talk you through the options and find the right solution for your brand. 

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Choosing the right manufacturing partner for your brand is just as important as choosing your marketing strategy and business goals.

Custom, wholesale, and private label are the three main options you'll find when you start researching how to fill your shop/supply your brand with awesome products.