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5 Reasons to Choose Ethical Manufacturing


Choosing the right manufacturing partner for your brand is just as important as choosing your marketing strategy and business goals. You should be just as selective with who you choose to make your products behind the scenes as who you’re choosing to represent you front of store. 

 Unfortunately, there are a two obstacles in the way. The first is that you have a bottom line to meet and ethical sourcing is expensive. Or is it? Our MOQs are reasonably priced and competitive to what you’d find from other manufacturers. Because we’re a small factory our overhead costs are less and we’re willing to scale with you. 

The second obstacle is the rampant greenwashing and fair-faking out there. You’re ready to throw in the towel before even getting started because it seems impossible to get accurate information, or even a real person to talk to. If that's you, keep looking. We promise that there is better out there and we're here as evidence. 


5 Reasons to Choose Ethical Manufacturing 


1. It’s motivating

We always commit to the things that we feel the most passionate about. Why would our business be any different? If you know that the every day tasks of restocking your shop, or promoting your brand on social media are creating opportunities for work and employment across the globe, you have extra drive to do what you do even better!


2. It’s empowering

 In the fair trade world we often talk about empowerment. We know that if we can provide economic empowerment it’s likely to impact social, educational, political, and psychological empowerment as well. If you’re here you’ve probably already been empowered by being educated about fair trade. But now you have the opportunity to turn your education into action, which is taking your own empowerment to the next level!


3. It’s good for your business

We’ve already discussed the bottom line - your business isn’t a real business unless it’s profitable. But have you heard of the triple bottom line? The TBL measures your business by economic, social, and environmental value. Imagine the impact of meeting not just one, but all three of those!


4. It’s what your customers are looking for

A study by IBM showed that 44% of consumers are thinking about using their purchasing power for good, and Forrester Firm estimates that 55% of adults will purchase in alignment with their values by the end of 2022. The numbers don’t lie - if your customers are looking for it then you want to be the place where they find it! 


5. It’s good for community

 By choosing ethical manufacturing you’re empowering artisans and makers, but also becoming part of a global solution. The world is constantly growing smaller with tools like social media at our fingertips and the ability to connect in seconds. There are all kinds of other brands, influencers, and like-minded friends out there.


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We’re proud to manufacture artisan made, high-quality leather and heavy fabric goods, but first, we're about impact. Our vision is to see initiatives for better wages, education, and sustainable leather solutions developed that not only impact artisans but their communities as well.


Contact us today if you’re ready to get started on ethically manufacturing leather or heavy fabric goods for your business or brand.

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Choosing the right manufacturing partner for your brand is just as important as choosing your marketing strategy and business goals.

Custom, wholesale, and private label are the three main options you'll find when you start researching how to fill your shop/supply your brand with awesome products.