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How do we share the Christmas cheer with our staff?


Christmas is not a huge festival in India. It is really only celebrated by Christians. However, it is a government ordained holiday and so its existence is known and felt (and gladly welcomed) by almost everybody across all professions.



So it is with our staff. Our workers have always viewed Christmas as a holiday of the Christians. They love Jesus, respect him, and believe in his miraculous birth. Although they don't celebrate Christmas religiously, our workers are very happy to take the day off and share a meal together.


As the month of December rolls around, work on the contract manufacturing side slows down for us. This gives us time to refine our manufacturing processes. We, at Artisan Streams, believe that Christmas should be a source of joy for everyone regardless of their faith background. Christmas is about relationships and that's what we try to cultivate and nourish in this season. These things together motivate us to make the Christmas cheer felt around our factory. As mentioned above, we do a meal together. Last year (2022), we took all our workers on a tour of some parts of Delhi. This year, we are planning on going to the movies with them. Most importantly, we are going to do a homemade meal with our oldest workers and share the Christmas story.


Entrepreneurship is not just about building a business; it is about building a people. Every year we try to go further in ways we grow as a team, fostering relationships of honor and respect. Artisan Streams was founded to be streams of opportunities for artisans in India. Progressively, we are working toward that goal. Sharing the Christmas cheer is part of the goal. So while we do that here in India, with our workers and our vendors, may you be blessed and be a blessing to your family and friends, and to all the people around you.



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Ever wonder how we celebrate Christmas in India? How we celebrate it with our workers? Or what do our workers think of Christmas in the first place? Let me tell you.

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