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Getting Started on Designing Your Own Leather Goods

Just had an idea for a really cool leather product but you're not a designer? Ready to order unique company merchandise, but don't know what to look for? Or starting a brand with a blank sheet of paper in front of you and wondering where to start?


The good news is that design doesn’t have to be your strongest skillset to create something unique for your brand or next fundraising event. By starting with one of our basic designs and choosing your own customizations, one item can be made a hundred different ways - each one unique to your needs. 

We take the intimidation out of design by walking you through a straightforward process to lock down your idea, select the product that best fits your needs, and choose the color, size, and style. There’s also no guesswork along the way about whether the options you’ve selected will arrive how you expected them to look. We can send an optional sample menu straight to your doorstep to make your choices even easier. We ensure that the final product is exactly what you want it to be by sending high-quality photos or a finished sample to you before starting factory production. 

We want you to feel like a world-class designer whether you’ve been making your own designs for years or started today. No matter where you’re at in the process, our team of experienced project managers and artisan craftsmen are ready to bring your ideas to life. 


Just a few of our customization options:

  • Hardware color
  • Leather color
  • Thread color
  • Zipper tape color
  • Zipper pull style
  • Embossing size 
  • Embossing location
  • Embossing style
  • Pocket style
  • Pocket location
  • Edge finishing

Contact our team if you’re ready to build your own unique products off of one of our basic designs, or are ready to start production on your own designs!

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Just had an idea for a really cool leather product but you're not a designer?...

Choosing the right manufacturing partner for your brand is just as important as choosing your marketing strategy and business goals.

Custom, wholesale, and private label are the three main options you'll find when you start researching how to fill your shop/supply your brand with awesome products.