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The Artisan Streams team!

Together, creating streams of work and opportunity

Tim is the founding director of Artisan Streams. He is responsible for the development of our vision and our values. He has made sure that our beliefs are in the very DNA of our business. In a huge step of faith as of Oct 2023, Tim has moved back to the US and handed over the reins of the managing directorship to John.

Master Ji (Mokeem)

Master Ji is a craftsman with decades of experience in leather and artisan work. Although he has a quiet demeanor, he leads the team with integrity and patience. As an artisan he has worked in major cities such as Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi. His expertise and experience are invaluable.


John oversees the quality of our production and supply chain. Don’t be surprised if you see him on the phone or zipping around Delhi looking for new and better suppliers for our products. John enjoys volleyball, math, foreign languages, and milk-based coffee.

Tau (Shamshad)

Tau is from the state of Chhattisgarh in India. He is a migrant worker in our factory. You can often see him at his sewing machine in one corner in the factory quietly churning out his artistry. If you need an update on an ongoing cricket match, visit his workstation.


Becky is the marketing manager for Artisan Streams, she does everything from posting on our social media (stop over to say hi!), to planning upcoming campaigns. You can tell when she’s working on a new idea by the overwhelming number of open tabs on her laptop or the extensive brainstorming on her huge whiteboard.


Although Waseem started his career as a clothing tailor, he’s now in charge of all our stitching operations. He is a vital part of our community and has helped lead local initiatives such as Covid relief during the lockdowns.


A Dad of 7 children Ejaaz works hard to provide the best for his family and instill life-long values in them. His attention to detail and experience in leather work raise the bar on quality for our whole team.


You will find Sajeed either working his heart out or making and serving the best chai in the city. His ability to do whatever needs to get done keeps everything running smoothly. Initially an assistant, he is training under Master Ji to grow his skills as a craftsman.


Rashid is a fast learner and capable assistant craftsman. Even though leather work is new to him, he has been growing quickly under our master artisans. Very shortly after joining it felt like he’d been a member of the team for a long time.