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About Us

Artisan Streams is proud to represent India’s long history of leather artisanship in our beautiful handcrafted leather products. The age-old craft of leather crafting in India has been carried from one generation to the next by master artisans training master artisans for hundreds of years. But unfortunately, the global demand to produce leather faster and cheaper has decreased the value of these master craftsmen. In rural areas especially, many artisans struggle to find consistent employment.

In one of these rural areas, the need for employment and access to a better market was recognized by Artisan Streams founder, Tim Perkins. What started as an idea to create “streams” of work and opportunity for local artisans has become a unique crafting house for ethically produced leather pieces. Our quality guaranteed process extends from our custom and wholesale partnerships to our exclusive Artisan Streams retail line.

"Our vision is to see initiatives for better wages, education, and sustainable leather solutions developed that not only impact artisans but their communities as well. "