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Custom Manufacturing

Your search to find the right fit for your custom leather and heavy fabric manufacturing ends here. From initial contact to production, our goal is your complete satisfaction. We personally oversee and guarantee hand crafted, artisan made quality for every product that leaves our factory.

Our team has experience designing, sourcing,  manufacturing, and delivering quality leather goods all over the world. And we do that with reasonably low MOQs and competitive pricing compared to other manufacturers in the same market.

As a smaller factory we’re able to keep overhead costs low and prioritize making sure that our artisans are paid a fair wage. Our flexibility as a team allows us to meet you where you’re at and scale accordingly. We’ve fulfilled orders for 1000s of products down to the single digits.

It all starts with communication. Contacting us puts you directly in touch with our production managers on the ground. They will collaborate with you and and our master artisans to bring your design to life.

Don’t have a finalized design yet? No problem. We’ve worked with everything from simple sketches to complete item specifications. When you send us an email you'll get a fast follow-up from our team with an invitation to share more via email, or meet over Zoom to discuss your design. Our highly professional team is experienced in creating a custom production plan to meet your needs.

And the communication doesn’t end there. Once your design is finalized and we've made a production cost estimate we work hands-on to source the materials. At this step we want to ensure that we get an exact match with your design specifications. A custom sample is then crafted by our master artisans and shipped to you for final approval before starting production. By eliminating the guess work in the process, we also eliminate the risk involved in outsourcing your manufacturing. Our goal is to build trust, not just in the final product, but in our compatibility with you as a team.

From first communication to final shipment we are up-front about costs, production rate, and delivery timeline. With an appropriate lead time, we want to get your order shipped as soon as possible. We know the pressure of working with a tight schedule to meet launch and release deadlines. Let us be the least of your worries. Contact us to learn more and get your custom manufacturing project started today.